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Low voltage inverter

CDE503F for textile

Three phase 380V 18.5KW — 22KW

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CDE503F series is the inverter which is designed for the textile industry, its unique fanless cooling function is widely used in textile machinery. The inverter can achieve non-polar speed, accuracy speed, stable speed, easy to operate. Improving product quality and production efficiency, while reducing labor intensity and yarn breakage. Suitable for opening and closing cotton machine, carding machine, winding machine, combing machine, drawing frame and roving frame, spinning frame and loom machine



>Reasonable structural design: the independent duct cooling structure which is suitable for harsh environment, the electrical parts were insulated from the main duct, for dustproof, anti-corrosion

>+ -20% wide voltage, adapt to the power grid and working conditions

>Smooth output current waveform, strong current suppression, the safe and stable running in the wide range load fluctuations situation

>Perfect motor drag protection with overload, over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, phase loss and power-off protection

>Input and output control:

a: Switching value input channels: positive and negative control terminals; 6 programmable digital inputs, can be set to 36 kinds of functions

b: Pulse input and output channels: 20KHZ pulse input and output

c: Analog input channels: 2 analog inputs, 4-20MA, 0-10V optional, PID (closed-loop control) control

d: Analog output channels: 1 analog signal output, 4-20MA, 0-10V optional, online monitoring for output frequency, output current, output voltage, bus voltage

>Full range of modular design, surface mount technology(SMT)

>Fault reset and restart automatically


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