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Low voltage inverter

CDE520Q for grinding ball

Three phase 380V 90kW~400kW

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DE520Q series is the inverter which is designed for grinding ball. Variable frequency technology can improve the drag system of the ball grinder, the inverter can be set as different modes according to different raw materials process requirements, to achieve continuous speed of the ball grinder, low speed with high torque, motor starting without impact. And can effectively control the feedback energy that the ball mill inertia caused. Solve the issues that ball grinder hard starting, high starting current, mechanical damage and other problems, keeping few power grid fluctuations, ball mill belt, shaft, gearbox gear for longer time running




The main motor is soft-start by inverter, the starting current is low, reducing the impact on the power grid and mechanical equipment. The same inverter capacity, driving more motors, can be set a variety of speed for grinding, avoid over-grinding. Improved equipment reliability, stability working, keeping the inverter service for longer time, save maintenance costs


Vector control driving, optimized control program is built-in, according to the real-time running of the load to automatically adjusts the parameters of motor, optimize the motor shaft power

With the request, the system can set 22 kinds of ingredients mode, can set 8 segments of the running frequency and grinding time by each mode, keeping high efficiency and saving energy

Automatic ball port positioning for high efficient working

>More external interface and ports:

Can be accessed by temperature sensors, photoelectric switches, travel switches, etc., 24VDC, 10VDC power supply

Easy to operate with it by HMI

>Perfect protection:

Input phase loss protection, inverter output phase loss protection, output any phase short circuit protection, short to ground protection, bus overvoltage protection, bus undervoltage protection, overheat protection, overload protection, motor overload alarm, motor overload protection, motor overheat protection


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